Bath complexes

The SPA-Club RASSTAL creates all conditions to maintain health and beauty, to make a presentable appearance, to achieve peace of mind and balance. There are 5 bath complexes...


The Hammam is a traditional Turkish bath. Here heat and high humidity come together and you have an instant feeling of warmth and blissful state. The Hammam is remarkable for the hot marble table called Göbek which ensures soft warm up. Deep body cleansing is ensured through a glove Kese peeling. It is followed by body treatment with natural cosmetic products having traditional oriental scents. As a result, you have a cleansed and slim body, firm, smooth and velvety skin. A cool pool with cascade shower at the end of rest in the Hammam will help to fully relax and restore energy.
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Roman Thermae

Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of Ancient Rome. The design in antique classical style, warm marble tables, comfortable temperature create truly luxurious setting for total relaxation. Enjoy delicate peeling services, body wrapping, the salt room with color therapy.
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Russian Bath

The Russian Bath called "Banya" is famous since ancient times for its healing properties. Soft peeling with cosmetics containing natural salt and scenting herbs helps to deeply cleanse the body, traditional sweating in the batch with twigs will improve health, give strength and energy. Washing in the font with cool water and relaxing body massage will give good spirits and a sense of complete renewal.
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